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[DPRG] B9 (Lost In Space Robot) - Local Builder's Party

Subject: [DPRG] B9 (Lost In Space Robot) - Local Builder's Party
From: Jeff Koenig koenig.jeff at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 26 22:30:46 CST 2008

Jerry Chevalier, a fellow I met through the Yahoo! Group's R2-D2
Builder's list, has asked me to invite any interested DPRG member to
his upcoming B9 Robot builder's party in Rowlett, on the weekend of
May 16th.

Want to see some fantastic robot craftsmanship?  Check out Jerry's B9
construction blog here:


This sure to be an amazing event.  Builders will be traveling in for
this, and there will be a machinist and painter available to help them
complete their robots.  For details, please read the official B9
build-off notification:


In addition to his B9 and couple of top-notch R2 units, Jerry is also
involved in building replicas of other science fiction robots.  If you
 want to see some amazing construction, I urge you to attend.

The only hitch?  Please RSVP.  Details are on the event website.

Oh yes, I will be there.

Best Regards,

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