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[DPRG] Fall Robomagellan

Subject: [DPRG] Fall Robomagellan
From: R. Steven Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 10:07:18 CDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 20:53 -0500, Randy M. Dumse wrote:
> Does anyone have an idea when the Fall Robomagellan will be
> scheduled? Dpa? Steve? Officers?  

There's a Roborama scheduled for November 22 of this year but I don't
know who's organizing it or if it will include an outdoor competition.
There has been some talk of hosting an outdoor contest at the upcoming
Maker Faire but nothing definite yet. If that happens, it will probably
be based on the most recent DPRG outdoor contest rather than

I'm now aware of any plans to do a Robomagellan event. We do have some
orange cones at warehouse, though, so if you can find some other people
who want to try it, I'm all for it.


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