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FW: [DPRG] Fall Robomagellan

Subject: FW: [DPRG] Fall Robomagellan
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 14:04:36 CDT 2008

dpa said: Thursday, July 03, 2008 12:00 PM
> The DPRG Roborama is happening in late November and we're 
> planning on doing a DPRG Outdoor Challenge but have not heard
> any interest in the Robomagellan.  

Sorry, I had simplified my opinion of Robomagellan to be just
another step in the Outdoor Challenge. I like the Outdoor
Challenge concept better anyway, as you can appreciate as the
originator of the idea, it has steps so even those who can't do
the whole challenge can still participate. I'd like to see OC
replace RM and as you say, OC can be expanded once the vision
issue is resolved.

> That said, if there is enough interest in the DPRG holding a 
> cone-touching event then we can easily add that as another
> challenge (#5?) to the ORC events in November.   Do you think
> you'll have an entry ready by then?

I'm hoping my UNI boys (from Cedar Falls, IA) who participated
in Dallas and San Fransisco, will be up for another attempt.
They may have something more respectable to enter as well. 

I was encouraged them to go to Chicago at least. Dallas is a
much bigger jaunt for them, but might be possible. If the timing
works out, it would be great if they could do both.

One of the students (Eddie) is still working through the summer.
I got a recent note he'd gotten the avoidance going well, and
was going to moving on to IMU and GPS. Given another semmester
in the fall to continue on it. 

The other is finishing up his graduation requirements and then
off fire fighting out west for the month. Hopefully he'll be
coming back as a graduate student on returning. Both want to
continue with independent labs moving Robomagellan forward and
the department head is aminable to expanding the robotics
program, so I'm thinking he'll support their efforts. So it's
even possible the number of students working on it might grow.

And yes, we did buy CMUCams for this project. But we haven't
gotten to use them yet. So when they are ?done? they should be
able to do color tracking and cone or ball identification.

So yes, I'd like to see an Outdoor Challenge #5! And it is
possible I'd (they'd) have an entry to show the progress they've
made. As in moving on from the discovery hot glue on a hot day
is a bad thing! Imagine what new nightmares might be learned in
November!?!?! And their robot is already 6x faster than last
time, having bypassed the EMAXX (very loose) internal
transmission, which greatly improved their repeatability.


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