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[DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding

Subject: [DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding
From: Dean Hall dwhall256 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 4 19:34:17 CDT 2008

Ray, sorry to tell you I am not aware of any commercial-off-the-shelf  
logic device that operates at 1 GHz (1 picosecond period).

In the realm of programmable logic, the (fastest, I think) Altera  
Stratix has a 600 MHz core clock.

The closest thing I can think of is a specialized high-speed  
processor, like the PowerPC 460GT from AMCC.  However, I don't see  
any Timer peripherals, either some serious hacking is in order; or it  
may not even be possible with this device.

These guys make laser range finders:

And wikipedia says: "Less expensive models around 100$/€ are emerging  
from Bosch with the DLE 50 or Stanley Works with the TLM 100."
(from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_rangefinder)


On Jul 4, 2008, at 18:08 , ray xu wrote:

> Dean: I see why the breadboard is a bad idea.  All I need from the  
> controller is because I need to interface 1gHz counters to it.
> Ron: I am already done with my sonar project.  All I need to do now  
> is to put it on a board and in a project box.  Also, I did some  
> searching, and the closest thing (http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/lr/)  
> I came to says that it uses a computer controller.
> Heres my theory of operation:
> The controller will be instructed to trigger a laser pulse (650 nm  
> laser diode), start a timer/counter, wait for the beam to come back  
> (receiver: OPT101 with concave lens on top of photo-sensitive  
> area), disable the counter/timer, do some calculations, display  
> results, and loop.
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> Dean / Ray
> Dean,Good point on Ray's project.
> I guess the question is to find out what you are trying to do, Ray.
> That is, if you are attempting to measure time of flight of light  
> you may be talking an advanced project where specialized hardware/  
> knowledge might be needed.
> Reference designs are a good place to start.
> Yeah, breadboarding   in this range would be out.
> Might suggest playing with sonar first. You will learn a good deal  
> and sound's propagation rate is 1 millionth the speed of light.  
> Master that first. Just Me Talking.
> Ron
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