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[DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding

Subject: [DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Jul 5 12:12:42 CDT 2008

A number of people at RBNO can show you how to solder SMDs
Dale is probably the best.
SMDs are plentiful and often the only choice in many newer devices.
SOIC packages with .050" lead spacing are easy to solder with a little  
I try to stay above .5mm (.039") lead center-to-center spacing.
Stay away from leadless chip frame packages for starters -- I failed there  
my first attempt.
As for resistors and capacitors 1206 and 0805 packages are a good  size.
Mouser shipped UPS ground will get to you next day. Check them out  
Get one of their catalogs.
Tanner Electronics or Frys  have a selection of prototyping  materials.
Tanner does not carry many surface mount parts.
Pre-etched boards with lands for SMDs and ability to proto circuit.
Etch your own boards using Photo Etch process (Martin did a board recently)  
or get boards made at prototype house ($60-80..) -- I have done that recently  
and can give you a demo of Cadsoft Eagle which you can get for free (will 
take  you time to learn package -- they have tutorials).
If you have a design idea. You might want to test it out using easier to  
work with breadboard and slowed down clock. Once that works, produce high  speed 

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