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[DPRG] Interesting MER wheel video

Subject: [DPRG] Interesting MER wheel video
From: Kenneth Maxon kmaxon at qwest.net
Date: Tue Jul 8 02:04:26 CDT 2008

Hello DPRG...

Every once in a while I come across one of those web resources that have
been out there in the public eye for quite some time (since 2003) but that I
had not managed to stumble across even with a focused web search back in the


I don't know if you guys had ever seen this one (posted back in 2003 on a
NASA site).  I sure wish that I had seen this back in the day or at least a
couple years ago before I started in on my own design...  :)

Anywho, I've returned from several more weeks working on the west coast and
I have finally had a long weekend to invest down in the studio working on
the next / long term robot project.  With things continuing to develop in
the direction they have been at work, I'll likely not finish this project
this year, however I'll keep plugging away at it when / if ever I get the


To give an approximation of scale to the image, the rubber tire (incl.
aggressive tread pattern) is approximately 6&3/8~6&1/2in diameter.  The
major diameter of the aluminum wheel assemblies is 4in.  A massive amount of
time has been invested lightening these up while still keeping some
assemblance of structural integrity to take mass of the robot directly into
a curb / wall at ~5MPH.  Further, since the motor controllers and close loop
feedback processors fit down inside the wheels with gearboxes and servos,
they are designed to be completely sealed when assembled.

I just though I'd take a minute to share the neat video and a bit of
progress of my own for anyone that cared to see...


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