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[DPRG] Interesting MER wheel video

Subject: [DPRG] Interesting MER wheel video
From: Kenneth Maxon kmaxon at qwest.net
Date: Tue Jul 8 04:34:12 CDT 2008


If I were sitting in the room in person in front of you I would put on a fun
little grin, roll my eyes searching the ceiling from corner to corner and
back and say something like Doah, there weren't supposed to be 7?  ;-)

Yes, that is correct.  The intent was to allow me to make one mistake on
this piece or that during the setup and fabrication and get all the kinks
worked out on the first one of each batch as I made them.  Of course I never
intend to make mistakes so the story I have told myself is that I'll have a
set of spares...

There is also a second set or reasoning behind the spares...

One thing that I really enjoy when attending various robot events is peeking
under the hood.  I always feel a little intimidated knowing that someone's
robot that I may have in my hands represents hundreds of (if not more) hours
of their time.  The second goal of this spare set is to have a set that I
can let people put their hands all over, with motors, gear train and circuit
card assemblies fully stuffed.   A little later this summer when the hubcaps
are finished these assemblies will be completely sealed up.  Once mounted on
the robot there won't be much to see.   Having the extra set that only have
1 screw turned a 1/2 turn here or there that people can pop apart with their
fingers will make for a great conversation with kids and fellow robotics
enthusiasts so that I can have everyone on the planet tell me how they would
have done this or that differently.  They are always great conversations and
lots of fun.


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> The major diameter of the aluminum wheel
> assemblies is 4in.

Counting 7 assembies, does this suggest 6 on the robot and a


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