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[DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding

Subject: [DPRG]Wall-E -> 1GHZ computers laser rangefinding
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 9 10:40:00 CDT 2008

Sorry about that Ray,
Because we are an all volunteer organization, we sometimes get lazy - OR -  
overloaded as the case may be. 
I still have your membership check and will deliver it to Martin.
Thanks to Steve's handiwork on the website,  if you want it done right  now, 
you can do it  via Pay Pal and I will  void your check and return  it to you 
next week at RBNO.
I made this reply public to the list to show, customer service is important  
to us.
Generally made such complaints to any officer listed on the DPRG website,  
except of course, the president, who should be left alone at all times!   Ha!
Ron Grant

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