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[DPRG] Programmable cameras

Subject: [DPRG] Programmable cameras
From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Wed Jul 9 13:54:48 CDT 2008

The FPGA camera came from Roboticore, a company formed by some of the
members of the Home Brew Robotics club in Silicon Valley.



I have been using the AVR32 a lot lately and have been considering making
a camera based on it.

Ed Okerson

> This came up via Google.
> http://www.tern.com/portal/content.asp?contentid=630
> It is a little CMOS camera stuck to a x86 40MHz processor.  The
> processor is fully programmable, so I'm assuming you could have it do
> some computer vision.
> The price seems reasonable, but its not quite what I'm looking for.
> Does anyone know of a unit similar to this that has:
> 1) a higher resolution camera (and maybe better or interchanging optics)
> 2) a faster processor (and perhaps one a bit more suited to multimedia
> computations)
> 3) a similar price (around $200)
> Edmund Optical has some computer vision units that are meant for
> product inspection, but they're too costly and not embeddably
> programmable. They have high power usage and seem to require being
> tethered to a desktop PC.
> I recall a project where someone was sticking a camera of some sort in
> front of a FPGA.
> And of course the ubiquitous CMUcam and AVRCam should be mentioned.
> Those have even less resolution and slower processors, but do perform
> very well in their niche.
> Considering how easy it is to get general purpose ARM, AVR32, and DSP
> development boards, perhaps the real trick here is finding an OEM
> board camera.
> Any ideas or comments?
> Ed
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