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[DPRG] Not a cheap web cam

Subject: [DPRG] Not a cheap web cam
From: Robert F. Scheer rfscheer at speakeasy.net
Date: Tue Mar 4 13:10:08 CST 2008

Nice link.  Here's a similar, lower res, camera board on the Surveyor


I still haven't quite figured out how to take advantage of that Blackfin
processor for video.  There must be a helpful user group or website with
info on it, but I haven't had a chance to look for it much yet.

It's something I want to examine in a few months though.

- Robert

On Tue, 2008-03-04 at 10:16 -0600, Randy M. Dumse wrote:
> Avnet is offering a new camera kit starting around $400 that
> goes on Ethernet 100/10.
> http://www.em.avnet.com/evk/home/0,4534,CID%253D35741%2526CCD%25
> 3DUSA%2526SID%253D32214%2526DID%253DDF2%2526LID%253D32232%2526BI
> D%253DDF2%2526CTP%253DEVK,00.html?SUL=dvsdevkit/analogdevices
> A 500 MHz Blackfin DSP on board, with a 2 Megapix CMOS image
> sensor camera module, 1600x1200 pixels. 
> Looks like a CMUCam taken to a later extreme.
> Randy
> www.newmicros.com
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