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Date: Wed Mar 5 23:10:11 CST 2008

Hello Folks who are going to attend / help out at All-Con.
I looked at the schedules posted by All-Con and reviewed the emails.
We are part of the Gallery -- (not Dealer's Room).
Friday Setup is 9am-11am with open at 11am
I will be there at 10 am with  Composite Input LCD Monitor, DVD  Player,  
power strip,
some robots, laptop and New Banner (being printed tomorrow).
Saturday Setup is 8am-9am with open at 9am 
Email me if you are one of the staff folks who is going to help  out / show 
off some robots if you don't have 
my cell phone # and I will send it to you.
Thanks to all helping out and bringing robots.
I regret not having more time to give, especially for Friday 6 PM Show  and  
I am under the gun to release a product (not the Mega Donkey) which I don't  
have control over it being sold before it exists. (I know many of you have to  
deal with that -- not me traditionally -- so I am freaking out)
Anyone who can help me out in the show and tell department is much  
Ron Grant
PS Here is Info on Table 
>From Todd Carlton All-Con  
For Friday table set-up is from 9am  to 11am. Convention content runs from 
11am until 2am. Most gallery exhibitors  clear their table around 6pm for the 
day which is officially when the gallery  tables close on the schedule. If you 
would like to withdraw earlier (or later)  please be aware that neither All-Con 
nor the hotel are responsible for anything  left on the table. Gallery tables 
must be cleared every day and reset the next.  If you have give-away 
literature you're welcome to leave it. If you have product  or items of any value, we 
suggest you return them to your room or your  vehicle.
Saturday the gallery set-up is from  8am until 9am. Convention content runs 
until 2am and again, 6pm is recommended  withdrawal.  
Sunday the gallery set-up is from  8am until 9am. The convention runs until 
4pm Sunday afternoon.   
Some exhibitors have expressed  concern about inability to staff their tables 
on Friday. We understand that day  jobs sometimes get into the way of 
convention fun. Your table will still be  safely waiting for you on Saturday.  
All-Con does not recommend trying to  set-up during convention hours (the 
gallery is VERY full and busy to be moving  in and out of tables during the 
convention will be difficult at best.)   
Tables will be pre-assigned by  convention staff. Please do not move into 
somebody else's table. All gallery  tables will be assigned. We have no spares to 
trade with this  year. 
If you have any questions, please do  not hesitate to contact me. 
Geoffrey "Todd" Carlton 
Dallas All-Con  2008 Stage Manager

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