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[DPRG] PWM Controller

Subject: [DPRG] PWM Controller
From: Andrew Lewis andrew at monkeysailor.co.uk
Date: Sun Mar 9 13:39:43 CDT 2008


I just joined the list after finding your 555 based pwm tutorial on the 
web. I've made a PCB from the schematic, and put it online here:


I must admit it was nice to find a basic design that was described in a 
no-fuss way, so props to the author for that one :) The circuit fits on 
a postage stamp sized PCB, too which is handy for potting up.

Just out of interest - does anyone know the maximum frequency that this 
circuit could be tuned to? I'm currently using it to control a pillar 
drill, and the whistle is just at the right frequency to make my ears 
bleed :p


Andrew Lewis

P.S. - Is an "about me" in order, as a new member of the list?

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