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[DPRG] battery dilemma

Subject: [DPRG] battery dilemma
From: Chris J. Kiick ckiick at austin.rr.com
Date: Sat Nov 8 21:06:59 CST 2008

     My old (old) rechargeable 6v batteries can no longer be fully 
charged.  They will no longer hold more than 3.5V.
	Now, I have some really nice Li-ion batteries that I'd like to use. 
They are rated as 3.6v each.  I figured that putting 2 in series
would give me about 7v, not too much over the expected 6v power 
requirements.  However, when charged each battery reads just over 4v
each.  8v is too much for the circuits to handle.

	Anyone know of a fairly simple way to connect a pair of 4v
batteries so that I get 6v?  Keeping in mind that the voltage is going
to be lower as the batteries are discharged.

PS: see you at Roborama.

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