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[DPRG] Roborama More Details Including 2X contest area CONTEST THIS SAT. 12NOON

Subject: [DPRG] Roborama More Details Including 2X contest area CONTEST THIS SAT. 12NOON
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Wed Nov 19 10:14:38 CST 2008

Last minute addition:
To accommodate larger robots, like the DPRG tankbot,  in the  quick-trip and 
T-Time competitions, it was 
decided to allow them to run in 2X scaled contest area and divide their run  
times by two. 
The length of the 2X course will be 16 feet bounded by a wall (the long  side 
of the T).
The remaining boundaries will be defined  on contest day, but will at  a 
minimum guarantee the envelope of the T course. That is, approximately 8 foot  
wide clear path and 48" endzones. (That is 12 feet from endzone line A to  
endzone line B.  
To make it clear, this 2X contest area will be run in addition to  the 1X 
course defined on dprg.org
The MAX size of robot is thus 2X of limit specified on the  DPRG  website, 
that would be 48" square.
Although 48" would be pushing it, since your robot needs to fit in the  
endzones to do a qualified run,
just as 24" is pushing it on 1X course.
You can choose to run your robot in either course, but not both.
Looks like some fierce competition in line following.
Prizes look interesting.
We are buying some kind of 32 bit cortex computers with 1.8" LCD and 3 axis  
accelerometer from Dale.
We have some gift certificates (like $40) from Tanners, and more  goodies.
Come pick through the giveaway table. Dale picked up an assortment of  
motors, battery holders and other assorted interesting stuff. Also, we have a  
number of computers and monitors available for giveaway that will be going to  
recycle.  Feel free to add to the pile or take away as you like.

See you this Saturday.
Feel free to bring edible goodies to share or hoard for  yourself.

Ron Grant
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