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[DPRG] Fwd: Free trip to Japan for robot sumo event.

Subject: [DPRG] Fwd: Free trip to Japan for robot sumo event.
From: Doug Emes kyojin at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 22 09:23:43 CST 2008

--- In r2builders at yahoogroups.com, David Calkins <dcalkins at ...> wrote:

So, The all-Japan 3kg sumo tournament is Dec 21st in Tokyo.

Fujisoft gave me 2 seats to go, all expenses, but Simone is pregnant 
and due
about then, so I'm giving away the tix.

Want 'em?

You gotta win 'em.

MAIL me your 3kg sumo (not 500g), so it arrives by the morning of Dec 
Include pre-paid return for the package.  On Dec 6th, I'll compete 
them all in a
normal sumo bracket.  Don't have a 3kg sumo?  You can build one in 3 

The top two robots each get one ticket to Japan.  You will need a 
passport and
time off work to go.  This is going to be totally merit based.  It's 
not random.
   Best two robots go.

Email me directly for more details.


-David E. Calkins
SFSU Robotics Engineering and Robotics Outreach
President,  RoboGames / Robotics Society of America
Silicon shall replace Carbon.
The revolution will be automated.

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