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[DPRG] wireless video

Subject: [DPRG] wireless video
From: David Peterson robologist at gmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 2 22:20:57 CDT 2009

There's a Trendnet TV-IP110W wireless cam (802.11) that has been recommended in 
a remote robot application, does 30 fps at 640x480. It appears to be about as 
good as it gets for a cheap (~$100) solution. Can be had at Amazon and even 
If looking for more, I could ask someone that plays with scary $$$ systems what 
might be a step up, if given a ballpark of budget.
Good to see a message from you again, Dave


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Subject: [DPRG] wireless video


One of the dance faculty here at SMU wants to have a dancing video
camera on stage in one of their productions.  Currently they do this
like in a TV studio with cables and a separate person to pull cable.
Anybody have experience with wireless video that would work for a
continuously moving camera in close range (maybe 100 feet max) to the
receiver?  Maybe one of those 802.11 boxes?  Thoughts?


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