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[DPRG] op amp saturation compensation circuit

Subject: [DPRG] op amp saturation compensation circuit
From: Ray Xu rayxu at tx.rr.com
Date: Sat Apr 11 00:34:35 CDT 2009



I'm having trouble designing and simulating a working circuit to compensate
the gain of the op amp if it should saturate.  I've been working for this
the entire day and still working on it; but I've gotten nowhere


I'm planning to make this for the current to voltage (photodiode amplifier).
I also read on some places that when a op amp is saturated, it tends to have
a slower response time (If this is the case, then the compensation circuit
is necessary; am I correct?).  The only method I've tried and the best one I
can think of is sinking excessive current that will make the op amp saturate
off of the photodiode output based on the proximity of the amplifier's
output voltage and the voltage rails.  Sadly, that failed in simulation and
is pretty complicated that I can't figure out why.


Anyone have any suggestions?  My goal is to keep the response time of the
amplifier as a constant; not varying over the signal intensity from the




Ray Xu   

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