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[DPRG] Job Opening - PID experience

Subject: [DPRG] Job Opening - PID experience
From: David M oicurmt at charter.net
Date: Mon Apr 13 07:12:06 CDT 2009

Hi gang,

 The company I work for wanted me to let you guys know 
about a job opening available in the near future. They gave 
me some basic info to pass on. 

It starts as an entry-level position as an electro-mechanical 
assembler putting together various assemblies for video camera 
accessories, then they'd move you up to working with other 
engineer(s) to design, prototype, build and test a new product 
involving PID control and RF interfacing. Not sure of pay, but 
hours are normal office hours. 

It's a great small company up in Roanoke. Very little corporate 
bull*; most of us work directly under the owners. I love it there, 
and think most members of our group would find it a very 
comfortable atmosphere.

Visit www.redrockmicro.com to email your resume.

  Also, I got a call from Aerotek Aviation (a temp agency) 
saying they had Electro-Mechanical Assembler positions 
availible in Ft. Worth.
  Contact Megan at 972-348-1815 if interested, and be 
sure to put my name as your referral on your app if you 
sign up. (please)

Good Luck all!

aka The Other David

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