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[DPRG] B9 Build off 2009 Rowlett, Tx

Subject: [DPRG] B9 Build off 2009 Rowlett, Tx
From: Glenn Pipe ggpipe at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Apr 26 18:39:41 CDT 2009

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OK Boys and Girls

It’s that time again. Count down time till the build off

This will be the 2nd annual Great Texas Build off. Bring all of your B9 parts and Lost in Space projects and we will work on them May 15, 16 and 17th. For Details go to www.Texasbuildoff. com. I don’t discriminate. If you want to work on R2 parts or any other robot, Sci-Fi weapon, B205 consoles, etc, that will be fine too! We are here to have fun, help each other out and share knowledge and experience.


I am still updating my building blogs but hopefully by the end of this week they will be all updated….I will also have a schedule for the build off so you can plan around other activities while here in Dallas……

I will need a formal head count for Saturday Dinner So Please send me your RSVP!

This year I also need to know who will be participating because there will be a practical lab portion to this build off. We will get some first class instruction on the proper use of body fillers such as Evercoat, Bondo, DynaGlass, Kitty Hair, Fiberglass repair, etc so I need to know how many masks, gloves, glasses/shields and materials to have on hand for all of you to practice with and to work on your projects. We will show you how to reinforce your B9 torsos & donuts as well as how to repair those stress cracks and how to prevent them.  

I will have plenty of acrylic strips so if you want to make vents, collars, etc we will be doing that as well. The oven will be available. As well as the machine shop and paint shop like last year so if you have something that needs to be painted or machined get it to me before the build off so it can be ready in time.

This will be a very busy and fun weekend. Everyone that comes to this will come away with some very valuable information and practical experience. I really do not think anyone will be disappointed. And the best part is ….it’s all FREE!!!

Please get me your RSVP no later than May 1st Thanx!

B9 Robot Builders Club

IS Consultant
(214) 207-8226
“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as WE are” Anais Nin
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