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[DPRG] backup sensor hacking

Subject: [DPRG] backup sensor hacking
From: Ted Larson ted at larsonland.com
Date: Wed Apr 29 18:37:37 CDT 2009


The ones they use in auto applications are the same as the open air ones,
they just don't have the same ranging characteristics.  They make
piezoelectric/ultrasonic transducers for all kinds of applications.  The
sealed units, are usually hermetically sealed, so they are totally
weatherproof.  They run the same way as any other sonar transducer, however,
they tend to have a super narrow beam width.  

Example: - Click on the sealed units at the bottom

Or here is a place you can buy some one-off that are sealed closed end.

The hardest part about using a part out of a car, is getting the data sheet
on it.  You are better off sourcing a part that is known.   Even then,
getting cheap ones will be hard.  90% of the ones they are using out there
these days in non-industrial apps are made in China or Taiwan, so sourcing
them one-off here in the US is hard.  I have a bunch of tiny, sealed units
here we evaluated for use on a project, but I think the datasheet is in
Chinese, or I don't have it at all.  I just checked the datasheet archive
here, and there definitely isn't an electronic version of it....it was
printed on a piece of paper that came with the samples.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: [DPRG] backup sensor hacking

Hi guys,
    I've been trying to scrounge some sonic range sensors, rather than 
buy a ping off the shelf.  Being unable to acquire an old polaroid 
camera to dismember, I looked around to see what else used these kinds 
of sensors.  Turns out those car backup sensors are sound based.  I can 
get a kit with a set of four sensors for less than the price of one 
ping.  However, I don't know how hackable these things are.
	Anyone out there ever messed with one?

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