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Subject: [DPRG] (no subject)
From: Jose I Quinones jiq at avayan.com
Date: Mon Aug 3 19:35:03 CDT 2009

I sent the following message from my work account but I am thinking it will
not go through.


Hi Group,


I was the guy that went with the "battery charge gauge thingy", purchased
two batteries from the couple, and then recommended them contacting you as
they have not been able to sell any other batteries. They are very nice
people, but they have no idea what is the deal with these batteries. So
please allow me to share some information and recommendations:


1.	They have 100 12V 20AH batteries and they do look like they have
never being plugged.
2.	But since these batteries are dated from August 2004, they have been
seating idle for 5 years. No trickle charge or anything.
3.	I measured about 30 batteries and the great majority are well below
10V, not above like it is apparent from their email. Actually, the great
majority of them are way closer to 0V than they are to 10V, so I am
wondering how good these batteries can truly be. I have read that 12V lead
acid batteries should never go below 10.4V. Can they be recovered if they go
below? I wonder if anybody on this group can share some bits on this?


They are asking $50 a piece because in reality these batteries cost about
$120 new. So if they were in good working order, they would be a steal for
$50. However, considering they are by no means in new condition, I am
starting to feel a little bit duped. Oh well.


I wonder if anybody on this group can enlighten me with a series of
questions on the topic of battery charging. I have been reading about
desulphators and it seems these are quite the thing to repair dead batteries
that have worn out due to major crystallized sulfation on the plates. Not
saying that you can get an almost new battery, but apparently enough
restoring for them to be reusable for some extra time. So my question is:


Can these batteries be rescued? Or are they as good as dead? Thanks for your





I have charged the batteries over night and the charge concluded its job was
done. When I went to power up the wheelchair, there was practically no
motion at all. I then measured voltage and on standby got 24V but as soon as
the relays were enabled, voltage drooped down to 14V. These batteries are
either heavily sulfated or just dead meat. I am going to ask for my money
back, as $50 a piece, it friggin hurts like hell!!!!


Best regards,




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