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[DPRG] RBNO, Tue Aug 4 -- AT Probotics, in Dallas

Subject: [DPRG] RBNO, Tue Aug 4 -- AT Probotics, in Dallas
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Tue Aug 4 10:59:32 CDT 2009

Fellow DPRG RBNO Attendees,
Tonight we are holding RBNO at Probotics,  10028 Monroe Drive, Dallas TX 
Come on out and meet our host, Dave Jannke, and see  his shop and his 
animatronic creations.
I believe we said start time around  6:30PM
If you like to shop at Tanner Electronics they are  pretty close by (maybe 
5 miles -- open til 6PM)
Remember to keep watch on RBNO and meeting places  as we will be hoping 
around a bit.
Steve mentions: calendar is always up-to-date 
_http://www.dprg.org/calendar.html_ (http://www.dprg.org/calendar.html) 
The initial plan for Probotics is 1st and 3rd  Tuesdays, but that may 
Feel free to bring snacks and drinks -- We don't  have a fridge. 
See you there,
Ron Grant
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