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[DPRG] New member

Subject: [DPRG] New member
From: Jose I Quinones jiq at avayan.com
Date: Wed Aug 5 19:37:05 CDT 2009



Just wanted to introduce myself as I signed up last Monday using the web
interface. Have been interested in forming part of this club, but due to
long distance (live almost in Aubrey, TX), have detracted. The new location
is way closer and doable to me, so I will definitely start going to the
RBNOs now.


Just a little background. Started working with robotics in 1995 as I
graduated from Electrical Engineering and I was convinced that if I build an
R2D2 replica I could get me a job at Lucas Films during the development of
the upcoming trilogy. Yeah right! I know by now you must be thinking “This
guy is a superb idiot”, but in my defense, I was young and naïve. Well,
considering my battery fiasco a few days ago, maybe I am still naïve
the couple did return the money, so at least I am not hurting.


Then in early 2000’s started working with robotic cameras but to be honest
that was just a way of finding out how “good” my mechanical abilities are.
Still played with the robotic related electronics such as motion control and
embedded systems for about 5 years when I decided to move to Texas (2005)
and then quit for a little bit. Sold my machine shop equipment and that was
the end of it.


But recently I have been working here and there with different ideas and I
feel ready to pick up robotics full time again, so hopefully we can mutually
benefit from whatever knowledge we have to share. Not saying that I am like
a guru or anything like that, so most likely I’ll be doing most of the
knowledge gathering from your expertise, but if there is anything I can
help, well then count me in!


At the moment am working at Texas Instruments with a group that just started
developing motion control devices for DC motors and steppers. I’ll be more
than glad to share what I have on that topic. I also have, on the personal
side, a web site (www.avayanelectronics.com)  with a bunch of open source
designs which I have made free to the public. Feel free to download the
materials and order, however and wherever you want, whatever board you feel
may help on your next endeavor. These designs are not panaceas, but they
work on the stuff that I have tried them on, and I am always improving as
much as possible. I also sell some of these devices at cost (all I make is
$5 for the trouble of destroying my sight by soldering SMT components into a
tiny board). My intention is not to get rich, but to share my creations and
hopefully subsidize next revisions and new ideas.


Last but not least, a few years ago I went crazy and got my butt in debt and
bought a 25W laser engraver with the idea to start a business with my wife.
To be honest, we just don’t have the time to work the thing even part time.
Still, it is an awesome tool and I practically spend all of my robotic
development time on the thing. It works flawlessly to cut ¼” MDF and
acrylic, so if there is any robot platform you need cut to the precision of
a computer operated contraption, this is almost as good as it gets. Of
course a plasma cutter, a CNC router or a water jet would have been way
better but my last name is by no means close to Rockefeller, Trump or Gates,
so this was not much of an option


Hope to meet you soon on the next RBNO!


Best regards,


Jose I Quinones (JIQ)


PS: I didn’t see my membership information on the Members List. Do let me
know if there was a problem with the membership process. I do believe the
funds were transferred, so at least this aspect is covered.

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