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[DPRG] Hello Everybody

Subject: [DPRG] Hello Everybody
From: ed at okerson.com ed at okerson.com
Date: Thu Aug 20 07:55:32 CDT 2009


Do you mind if I ask why you selected the 68hc11 family?  Are you already
familiar with programming for them?  If not, it would seem to me that a
newer architecture might be easier to get started with.  Dale has been
giving free classes on the Arduino boards that use an AVR processor, and
the cost of the hardware is only $25.  All of the development tools for
these processors if free as well.  You didn't give the address for your
blog, so I could not read it to see whose coat tails you are attempting to
ride, but you might want to make sure they are still wearing that
particular coat if you want help.

Ed Okerson

> Just wanted to say hi to everybody and ask a few questions. So hello and I
> hope everybody is doing well. I have a few questions and if you want you
> can
> email me off list or make suggestions on my blog at the address in the
> signature of this email.
> I'm wanting to use a 68hc11 chip based MCU for the brains of the bot I've
> started, just having a bit of a rough time going through the datasheets to
> figure out which one so far. If anybody could recommend one that can
> access
> a 64k memory module and has lots of I/O.  The next question I have is what
> C
> compilor would you guys recommend?
> If you take a look at my blog, you can tell I've done some research, just
> either too much or not enough to make an educated decision.  This may seem
> like I am wanting to ride on some coattails, but I figure that everybody
> here has been through this or a similiar process, so I can learn from your
> mistakes and successes.
> Thanks in Advance
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