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[DPRG] Hello Everybody

Subject: [DPRG] Hello Everybody
From: Dean Hall dwhall256 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 20 08:24:53 CDT 2009

You'll have to find an electronics antique store if you want an HC11.   
To get 64 KB of memory means you'll have to use a latch an inverter  
and external RAM which consumes about half of the available I/O pins.   
You *can* reclaim the pins using an HC24 port replacement unit, but  
that is yet another chip in the design and is *very* difficult part to  
find.  Imagecraft used to make a good C compiler for the HC11, but I  
don't think they sell or support it anymore.  If you have invested a  
lot of time in learning the HC11 architecture, you could follow the  
manufacturer's upgrade path and look at the Freescale Star-12 series.   
But I believe you'd be better served to use a manufacturer and device  
that has broad community support.  I second Ed's recommendation; a lot  
of people (beginners and experienced alike) have made successful  
projects using the Arduino.


On Aug 19, 2009, at 22:05 , Gary Burton wrote:

> Just wanted to say hi to everybody and ask a few questions. So hello  
> and I hope everybody is doing well. I have a few questions and if  
> you want you can email me off list or make suggestions on my blog at  
> the address in the signature of this email.
> I'm wanting to use a 68hc11 chip based MCU for the brains of the bot  
> I've started, just having a bit of a rough time going through the  
> datasheets to figure out which one so far. If anybody could  
> recommend one that can access a 64k memory module and has lots of I/ 
> O.  The next question I have is what C compilor would you guys  
> recommend?
> If you take a look at my blog, you can tell I've done some research,  
> just either too much or not enough to make an educated decision.   
> This may seem like I am wanting to ride on some coattails, but I  
> figure that everybody here has been through this or a similiar  
> process, so I can learn from your mistakes and successes.
> Thanks in Advance
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