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Subject: [DPRG] Hello Everybody
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Aug 20 12:48:08 CDT 2009

Another plus if going with something like AVR family is if you decide you  
want to add a 2nd or 3rd... microcontroller to handle a simple task you  
will find a big selection of chips ranging from about $1 that use virtually the 
 same processor core, but have less program memory, less RAM and less 
peripheral  devices than say a bigger processor like MEGA 128/256. My last major 
project  used 7 such processors all doing different things. I was able to 
use the same  tool set (WinAVR with GCC compiler and Atmel's AVR Studio -- all 
free tools and  moving from processor to processor was pretty easy.
I did a search for AVR on digikey and it came up with something like 1200  
matches (of course different speed / packages for each part..)
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