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[DPRG] Encoders and PLCs

Subject: [DPRG] Encoders and PLCs
From: John Dolecek jdolecek at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 21 07:31:17 CDT 2009

Luckily, this isn't for sawtooth.  I've never tested how far the Atmega1280
can go; likely much farther than I will need for a while!

I ask this because of a work project. Customers dictate what PLCs we use and
most use AB MicroLogics or ControlLogics.  It's going on an induction motor
with a max speed of ~1800rpm.  Just about any resolution encoder will work
as we're driving through a gearbox.

I appreciate the detailed offers for help, but this is more of a general
project to integrate this system into our existing line up.  PLCs vary from
customer to customer and the inertias vary depending on the size of the
machine.  As far as how accurate it needs to be, previous systems used two
prox switches and hoped everything was physically the same every run with no
provision for verifying the speed needed was achieved and add some
'intelligence' to the braking.


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