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[DPRG] Motor Control and parts shopping

Subject: [DPRG] Motor Control and parts shopping
From: David Peterson robologist at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 28 13:30:01 CDT 2009

You show in your blog the Tamiya track drive unit. Tamiya typically runs Mabuchi FA130 motors in these, which are rated to run at 3 volts or less. Pololu has an extensive test on using these at different voltages and how long they may last at those voltages here : http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J11 . Additionally thay have a low voltage dual serial motor controller to work with those motors, as well as a replacement motor that works at higher operating voltages here ; http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/604  . With all the good motors available on surplus and even retail, it might be a good idea to replace these some way pretty quickly. 

Frys can be good if you know what to look for. The NTE replacement ICs are their own part number that does not reflect the original part. There sometimes are a few robotic parts near the toys/science section. And they have some good instruments. The I-635 Irving store is better than the south Arlington store, not sure about the east Dallas store. Many of these items can be had for cheaper online. Accelerometers, gyros, most IRs, sonars, GPS, and microcontrollers will generally be online rather than a walk-in store, though Radio Shack has a couple items, expensive. Sometimes an RC hobby sotre can have some good parts.  Tanners has some interesting stuff, as well as Mikes Hobby if in that I-35 area. 

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  Subject: [DPRG] Motor Control and parts shopping

  I've been looking at the L293D to provide the H-bridges to control the motors. Is there a better chip out there or a better way to do it?  Also, is there a better place to shop for parts, besides online stores?

  Just looking for some input, mainly. Last time, I got options I didn't know about and I'm quite happy with the results. 

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