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[DPRG] Hi, Introduction, and Guidance

Subject: [DPRG] Hi, Introduction, and Guidance
From: Jon Angliss jon at netdork.net
Date: Sun Aug 30 19:59:11 CDT 2009

Hello All,

My name is Jonathan, or Jon, never really minded either way.  I'm a
system admin for a large software/service company in the automotive
industry (what an industry to be in).  Whilst at school, I had a
passing interest in electronics, but they never had enough there to
push me in any direction, so I didn't end up doing much.

Since moving to the US (born and raised Brit), my curiosity has come
back.  It has mostly been inspired by my 5 year old son.  I was the
child that liked to pull stuff apart to figure out how it worked,
and so is he.  I figured it would be good to turn it into something
creative.  So recently I've started brushing back up on my
electronics, and more targeted towards robotics.

I've tinkered with the Arduino for a project I was testing for work
(small temperature monitor for a couple of racks).  Recently
introduced it to a few stepper motors from a scanner/printer, which
is certainly fun, especially watching the son's eyes lighting up
when the little gears spin around.  I've also decided to take the
plunge and take a look at Parallax' basic stamp too.

I'm interested in expanding my knowledge, and sapping up as much
information as I can before I try introducing my son to the subject
properly.  Where would you folks recommend?  Bookshelf is already
starting to show signs of the new hobby/interest.  I've plans on
dropping by the weekly meet ups, and signing up for membership too,
especially as you guys seem to meet about 10 mins from my office.

Jon Angliss
<jon at netdork.net>

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