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[DPRG] Hi, Introduction, and Guidance

Subject: [DPRG] Hi, Introduction, and Guidance
From: Jon Angliss jon at netdork.net
Date: Sun Aug 30 22:23:37 CDT 2009

Ray Xu wrote:
> Very interesting story; since your story is almost the almost exactly
> the same with me (and my dad).  Right now, I'm a freshman at High
> School; but I can recall that my dad had (who has a patent
> http://www.google.com/patents/about?id=FFJ4AAAAEBAJ&dq=jianzhong+xu
> <http://www.google.com/patents/about?id=FFJ4AAAAEBAJ&dq=jianzhong+xu>)
> taught me the basic light bulb, battery, and switch when I was 5.  At
> first, I thought I'd want to be in the career field of robotics back
> then, but over the years and these days, I'm now practically a mix of a
> robotic hobbyist and electrical engineer.
> In my opinion, I'd hold off the electronics/robotics books for now and
> (maybe) explain the basics of electornics/robotics to your son first.

Exactly what I was thinking of doing.  Starting easy, and building
on it.

>  A
> great place to start off would probably be getting one of those LEGO
> Mindstorms and/or a electronics kit like this one (only cheaper):
> http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/science/mx908.htm 

I was looking at the "snap-together" type electronic sets in Fry's
today, ideal for little fingers, and sponge minds.

> <http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/science/mx908.htm>  .  Once
> he gets into his teen years, a VEX robotics kit could also be an option
> to start him off in the mechanics of a robot.  And maybe you can also
> start teaching him stuff about microcontrollers too.

I was thinking of the lego stuff for him, and the more complex stuff
for me ;)  He gets along well with legos, so that might be a good
start for him.

> Not saying you *have to* go out and spend tons of money on him; but just
> trying to give you a "starting point" for him.  Again, its strictly my
> opinion (from a high schooler...); maybe some other people here have
> better suggestions.

It's interesting to have a point of view from the other side, thanks
for the input.  Of course, he's my son, so I've no objection
spending money on him, but I suspect I'd be spending more on the
goodies for me, than him ;)

> Ray Xu 
> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 7:59 PM, Jon Angliss <jon at netdork.net
> <mailto:jon at netdork.net>> wrote:
>     Hello All,
>     My name is Jonathan, or Jon, never really minded either way.  I'm a
>     system admin for a large software/service company in the automotive
>     industry (what an industry to be in).  Whilst at school, I had a
>     passing interest in electronics, but they never had enough there to
>     push me in any direction, so I didn't end up doing much.
>     Since moving to the US (born and raised Brit), my curiosity has come
>     back.  It has mostly been inspired by my 5 year old son.  I was the
>     child that liked to pull stuff apart to figure out how it worked,
>     and so is he.  I figured it would be good to turn it into something
>     creative.  So recently I've started brushing back up on my
>     electronics, and more targeted towards robotics.
>     I've tinkered with the Arduino for a project I was testing for work
>     (small temperature monitor for a couple of racks).  Recently
>     introduced it to a few stepper motors from a scanner/printer, which
>     is certainly fun, especially watching the son's eyes lighting up
>     when the little gears spin around.  I've also decided to take the
>     plunge and take a look at Parallax' basic stamp too.
>     I'm interested in expanding my knowledge, and sapping up as much
>     information as I can before I try introducing my son to the subject
>     properly.  Where would you folks recommend?  Bookshelf is already
>     starting to show signs of the new hobby/interest.  I've plans on
>     dropping by the weekly meet ups, and signing up for membership too,
>     especially as you guys seem to meet about 10 mins from my office.
>     --
>     Jon Angliss
>     <jon at netdork.net <mailto:jon at netdork.net>>
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