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[DPRG] Meeting Minutes - August 2009

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting Minutes - August 2009
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Date: Sun Aug 30 22:52:06 CDT 2009

Paul's August 2009 Meeting Minutes
(Thanks Paul! -- Next Meeting Location TBA ) 
August 8 2009
Held at Xmax games, 1931 Skillman
Present: Bruce, Nathan, Bob Cunningham, Jonathan, Ron, Ed Paradis, Jason,  
Ed Okerson, Dale, Steve Alaniz + son, Steve Rainwater, Martin Meier, John K, 
 Will Knule, Jeff Tregre, Andy (host, Xmax games owner), Scott Sumner
- New  member introduction: 
- Jeff Tregre: EE & model builder. Does lectures  for professionals who 
build models, on things like using LEDs to bring models to  life, e.g. on 
- Jose Quinos: EE, has site for motion control,  drivers. Can give a talk 
on motion control
- Andy (Xmax host) has wifi - buy  a drink & use it
Discussion of locations/facilities
- Ron: we don't need dedicated space  unless we get some things like FIRST 
- Any location will cause some  people to be inconvenienced. 30 min travel, 
close to highway are desirable  characteristics of a location
- Ron: mailbox location needs to be canceled to  save money
  (done: mail now being forwarded to Doug Emes residence)
- Steve Rainwater suggested an RBNO at Hanson Robotics (which happened -  
thank you Steve & David)
- PHP user group meets at Yahoo offices in  Richardson
- Dale: meeting once a month in Garland downtown library would be  possible
- Question from Ed O: why did we leave the Bill Preist Institute,  south of 
Discussion of Contest
- usually held 3rd week of November
- Ron &  Ed will be chief coordinators, will delegate
- Ed O: what about an outdoor  challenge? Outdoor challenge brings people 
in; we need to organize getting  people in from UTA & UTD & Houston
- Question: would YMCA's have  basketball/tennis courts available?
- Proposal: Tanner expo in October. But  hard to get enough space at 
Tanners (want 100' square)
- Thoughts for outside  competition: Northway church has a building they're 
renovating (might be  possible to use) -- (we did outdoor contest there 1.5 
years ago)
-  Richardson library & civic center is another possible location for fall  
- Fen-con is in September 18-20 - Sci-Fi Convention - we will do  a table 
there and some panel discussions
  Signed up are the following:
  Ron Grant
Steve Rainwater 
Doug Emes 
Ed Paridis 
Dale Wheat 
Martin Meier
Steve  Alaniz
Vincent Lopresti  (space miners -- Moon Dawg)
- Jeff Tregre showed his model of the robot from the '98  movie "lost in 
space". Is interested in building an 8' tall model of it.  collecting photos & 
video & wants leads for materials etc. Looking for a  way to laser scan & 
cNC parts. He will be showing off 4' model of Star Trek  Enterprise at FenCon
- Glenn Pipe is hosting R2 builders club.
- Bob  Cunningham has welder, pneumatics, etc. Offered use of shop 
equipment to club  members
- Steve Rainwater showed some of his robotic music project parts. He  has 
some inexpensive pusher solenoids planned for use in a xylophone. Planned to  
be Arduino-compatible
- Will showed his "cow 1"
- Dale announced he'll  have another Arduino-building class, possibly at 
Probotics, in maybe 2 weeks.  Contact Dale if you want to participate. Dale is 
planning more advanced classes  (adding sensors etc) then a 3rd phase of 
putting Arduino's on Robots.
- Ron  talked about his microcontroller sleep work. He's using the watchdog 
to wake the  Atmel chip every 8 seconds or so. It draws only 20uA when it's 
in sleep mode.  They will run for a couple of years on a Lithium coin cell. 
- Dale just got  a $55 FPGA starter kit (Actel). Dale's putting together an 
introductory course  with Jim on FPGA design.

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