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[DPRG] Need help with science fair ideas

Subject: [DPRG] Need help with science fair ideas
From: Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Mon Aug 31 18:50:48 CDT 2009

How about communications using lasers? This maybe further a field than you
like but it does involve lasers. The interesting aspect would be to study
how to modulate the laser and provide a protocol that is robust, i.e.
continues to work through fog or rain. This gets into areas of error
correcting codes which are a cutting edge area of study today.
Another project would be to determine the energy cross-section of a laser. I
actually did this as a work project a number of years ago at the Laboratory
for Laser Energetics at Univ of Rochester. My project involved only a line
across the beam. You could study the entire beam using a web cam. One of the
tricks is detecting when the beam fires and triggering the receiver to do
the measurement.
I'm down in Houston so can't help with mentoring except for the computer
software and digital protocols. 

 - 73 - 
Rud Merriam K5RUD
ARES AEC Montgomery County, TX 

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Subject: [DPRG] Need help with science fair ideas

Hi guys,

Its that time of year again at my school...Science fair!

A classmate (who knows as much electronics as I do) and I are going to do a
science fair project together.  Right now, we're thinking of ideas for a
project, compile a list, then selecting one out of both of our list's to do.
I, personally, want to do a science fair project based on lasers/laser range
finder (that is, if I can get my laser diode driver done in time).  If I do
not get my laser diode controller done in time, then at least we want to do
something that is electronics and is applied/easily applied to reality (such
as my last year's project; laser reflection can be applied to laser range

Does anyone have any ideas I could use (not saying to "do my homework", but
at least a starting point/area in electronics).

Also, just wondering, is there anyone here that has a lab available (and
maybe can be our "mentor") for us to use (just in case the rules require
it)?  Preferably somewhere near Plano.

Ray Xu  

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