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[DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed

Subject: [DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 8 22:08:49 CDT 2009

We are going to need to find a new home for the DPRG World  Headquarters.
I just got the word from Mike Dodson who has graciously provided us with  
1300+ square feet for the last 6+ years, rent free, that we will need to 
vacate  the space in 5 weeks.
Originally he thought we would have much more notice, but such is not the  
case due to circumstances beyond his control. I assured him -- no problem.
I would like to push for us becoming as lean as possible retaining tables,  
chairs test equipment, tools and some of the cabinets, but let's have a  
discussion at this Saturday's meeting to see what is important  to people and 
what they are willing to contribute in the way  of moving and storing 
equipment and furniture. 
For the short term, I would expect we will need to store most everything.  
Ideally, if we can avoid paying for public storage that would be most 
desirable.  If anyone has storage space, that we could use for some period of time 
on the  order of 3 to 6 months, or possibly as long as a year that would be 
Once we have culled and stored everything, I expect we will find ourselves  
focused on what we need and what we can get in the way of space. 
We might want to consider holding a limited number of RBNOs at various  
locations on of course a reduced schedule. I think we have the possibility of a 
 few one time guest RBNOs and could consider some restaurant locations for  
at least robot social type of thing -- thinking a restaurant that might be  
wanting for some business would be a good match (versus a very busy 
restaurant  -- no go).
The general list:
1. Prioritize what we use on regular basis and cull (give away / toss /  
sell) what we don't use.
2. Have some equipment that has been loaned to us picked up by  owners
3. Entrust some equipment into custodial care / storage.
4. Assess what storage is available to us.
5. Find volunteers to help us move equipment / furniture.
Anyway, let's start the ball moving on Saturday.
There is more to say, but will save it for now -- including finding some  
way of expressing our gratitude to Mike and all those  who have contributed 
to making DPRG WHQ what it was and what  it will be in the future.
Ron Grant
DPRG President  
 just talked to Mike Dodson, provider of our DPRG World Headquarters  space 
for the last 5+ years
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