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[DPRG] Re: Meeting This Saturday July 11 Roomba

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Meeting This Saturday July 11 Roomba
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Thu Jul 9 23:56:29 CDT 2009

Paul and Ron, et al.,

Saturday's meeting is going to be jam-packed (does that mean it's 
sweet?), so I don't expect you need more topics or materials, but 
just in case you're interested...

I have three short videos that I made showing how Roomba's 
internal software violates its subsumption architecture resulting 
in the robot's demise (such as leaping over a cliff; for 
contrast, can you imagine that a dpa robot would ever commit 
suicide?). The videos are less than five minutes long altogether. 
The videos could be considered to be support for any software 
that replaces what the guys in Cambridge wrote. Most of the 
membership cares much more about successes than mistakes (since 
we all make mistakes), but it fascinates me when the "big boys" 
make tons of money on mistakes, and maybe we can learn from that.

I'll bring a standard CD and flash with AVI files in case someone 
wants to see it. Would some other format be better?

>From the guy who is still filtering a ping from a pong,
John Swindle

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