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[DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed

Subject: [DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed
From: Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Fri Jul 10 00:34:53 CDT 2009

Piping up from the peanut gallery down south...
First, I really feel sorry for you guys losing the WHQ...but not to bad
because nothing like that is around here. <g> No, really sorry about this.
Second, you might consider renting a storage place because some with garage
doors also have power available. It would at least be worth checking out the
price for a rental. You have enough guys that it might be just $5-10 to get
a place. Depending on the site you might be able to have meetings. Some of
the places around here have office space available. Now that might be more
than you can afford but if the site offers off icing it might be able to
handle you having meetings at the garage.
 - 73 - 
Rud Merriam K5RUD
ARES AEC Montgomery County, TX 
http://TheHamNetwork.net <http://thehamnetwork.net/>  

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Subject: Re: [DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed

Steve and I cranked for about 5 hours on moving books and magazines, PC
accessories, electronic components into main area, that we feel need a home.
I think this relieved a big burden on everyone attending meeting this
Saturday.  If anyone feels strongly that our judgement is flawed then we
suggest that person(s) store materials for us until we have another home
with space for books...
The library retained almost 100% of robot related books, many electronics
books,  AI books, machine vision books and some C,C++,Perl... books
What is being offered (unless we have objections)
Periodicals  including Servo, Nuts and Volts, Nasa Tech Briefs and others
Logic and Linear Device Data Books,
Microprocessor  Data books Z80, HC11, 8051, 68332..  and others. 
Linux Books
(est. about 50 linear feet of books and magazines available -- we kept back
about 20 linear feet of books)
If anyone is interested in the heavy duty work benches that David Anderson
and Will Kuhnle put together. Please speak up (we have interest in one of
the benches) These we figure would be difficult to move / store.
Of course if someone wanted to step up and take one and actually give it
back when/if we find place where it would fit in, then great, but no
expectation would be placed on those that take the benches.
Also the  two drawer/ two door cabinets are available.
Steve is hoping someone will step up and offer $100 for the server rack
(really nice rack, he paid $1200 for)
Also the computer desk that sits next to rack is available.
About 4 17" Monitors are most likely available.
The number of computers TBA. I expect we will keep a few.
I would imagine Saturday we will make some decisions that will let some go,
I expect on that day.
Not sure about the Fridge. I don't think Mike was interested.
We are hoping to find some people to store some books...beyond that the
tables will occupy a volume of 2.5x6x3 feet MAX and just a bit more for
chairs. The Fabric covered red chairs could be sold off if needed, but we
would retain the plastic folding chairs that were just purchased.
Mike offered to give us his trailer. One thought is we could load all tables
and chairs on that (something like 8x6 foot trailer) and store them, if we
could find someone with some in door space. They would also have use of the
trailer... maybe at some point we could do a trade if they stored our
furniture for a given length of time. The idea here is if we can find a
place within say 6 months to a year and we need to supply furniture, then we
have it, but after such period of time and no place located or we find a
home where we don't need furniture (tables chairs), we sell / give away.
Scopes, choice books, tools (drill press brake shear) all would want for
indoor and reasonably climate controlled storage if possible... We will have
to decide best way to handle these items.
Hope to see a great turnout for the meeting this Saturday.
There is a small chance we will have one more meeting, but this has not been
Please bring a box to take home some books and magazines. Also, for items we
determine have little chance of being taken home, bring a box if you have
access to paper recycle.
Large furniture items need to be gone, ideally within about a week. We
really don't want to be caught against our deadline which is approximately
2nd week in August. I am going to get exact date from Mike within a day or
Would be nice to find some uniformly sized boxes, i.e. about 10 book boxes
would be ideal.


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