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[DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed

Subject: [DPRG] IMPORTANT: New home for DPRG World Headquarters needed
From: A. Scientist angryscientist at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 10 09:48:49 CDT 2009


Are there any pics of the rack? I may be interested in that.

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 11:44 PM, <DeltaGraph at aol.com> wrote:

>  All,
> Steve and I cranked for about 5 hours on moving books and magazines, PC
> accessories, electronic components into main area, that we feel need a
> home.  I think this relieved a big burden on everyone attending meeting this
> Saturday.  If anyone feels strongly that our judgement is flawed then we
> suggest that person(s) store materials for us until we have another home
> with space for books...
> The library retained almost 100% of robot related books, many electronics
> books,  AI books, machine vision books and some C,C++,Perl... books
> What is being offered (unless we have objections)
> Periodicals  including Servo, Nuts and Volts, Nasa Tech Briefs and others
> Logic and Linear Device Data Books,
> Microprocessor  Data books Z80, HC11, 8051, 68332..  and others.
> Linux Books
> (est. about 50 linear feet of books and magazines available -- we kept back
> about 20 linear feet of books)
> If anyone is interested in the heavy duty work benches that David Anderson
> and Will Kuhnle put together. Please speak up (we have interest in one of
> the benches) These we figure would be difficult to move / store.
> Of course if someone wanted to step up and take one and actually give it
> back when/if we find place where it would fit in, then great, but no
> expectation would be placed on those that take the benches.
> Also the  two drawer/ two door cabinets are available.
> Steve is hoping someone will step up and offer $100 for the server rack
> (really nice rack, he paid $1200 for)
> Also the computer desk that sits next to rack is available.
> About 4 17" Monitors are most likely available.
> The number of computers TBA. I expect we will keep a few.
> I would imagine Saturday we will make some decisions that will let some go,
> I expect on that day.
> Not sure about the Fridge. I don't think Mike was interested.
> We are hoping to find some people to store some books...beyond that the
> tables will occupy a volume of 2.5x6x3 feet MAX and just a bit more for
> chairs. The Fabric covered red chairs could be sold off if needed, but we
> would retain the plastic folding chairs that were just purchased.
> Mike offered to give us his trailer. One thought is we could load all
> tables and chairs on that (something like 8x6 foot trailer) and store them,
> if we could find someone with some in door space. They would also have use
> of the trailer... maybe at some point we could do a trade if they stored our
> furniture for a given length of time. The idea here is if we can find a
> place within say 6 months to a year and we need to supply furniture, then we
> have it, but after such period of time and no place located or we find a
> home where we don't need furniture (tables chairs), we sell / give away.
> Scopes, choice books, tools (drill press brake shear) all would want for
> indoor and reasonably climate controlled storage if possible... We will have
> to decide best way to handle these items.
> Hope to see a great turnout for the meeting this Saturday.
> There is a small chance we will have one more meeting, but this has not
> been determined.
> Please bring a box to take home some books and magazines. Also, for items
> we determine have little chance of being taken home, bring a box if you have
> access to paper recycle.
> Large furniture items need to be gone, ideally within about a week. We
> really don't want to be caught against our deadline which is approximately
> 2nd week in August. I am going to get exact date from Mike within a day or
> so.
> Would be nice to find some uniformly sized boxes, i.e. about 10 book boxes
> would be ideal.
> Ron
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