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[DPRG] Location for RBNO's and / or meetings

Subject: [DPRG] Location for RBNO's and / or meetings
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Jul 11 04:28:44 CDT 2009

This was the original message from Scott Sumner :
(Hopefully this will make it..)
Ron --

I spoke with Andy, the owner of XMAX games (where I play  assorted games 
throughout the week).  They are located at 1931 Skillman in  Dallas (Lakewood 

He'd be willing to host both RBNOs and monthly  meetings at his store (for 
free).  He just requests that you work with him  on scheduling if the 
numbers of people are above 10.  He's got a concrete  floored room that can house 
the machine shop although it would have to be set up  each time, stuff 
couldn't live there (and cleaning up the space  afterwards).  There's also ample 
space for robot courses, tables for  working on them, 18 computers with 
internet access and WIFI free with any  purchase (they suggest cokes -- $1 for 
the beverage and WIFI for the entire  evening).  The back parking lot would 
also be able to accommodate the  outdoor robots we occasionally  see.


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