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[DPRG] July Meeting + Packing Up And Moving Status

Subject: [DPRG] July Meeting + Packing Up And Moving Status
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Jul 11 20:23:31 CDT 2009

We had a great meeting today. Thanks to all who attended!
I am sure Paul's minutes will have many details I have left out  here.
Sorry, if I am stepping on your toes Paul  -- main purpose of  this email 
was originally to give status on moving which I have been obsessing  over a 
bit -- making sure we get out on time.
Dave from Probotics America (_www.ProboticsAmerica.com_ 
(http://www.ProboticsAmerica.com) ) attended  and extended his offer to host RBNO at his 
company location ( Near 35 and  Walnunt Hill Lane). I will make a point to stop by 
his place this Monday if that  works out for Dave to get a better idea of 
space they have available. Sounds  very promising for at least a monthly 
RBNO, then see where is goes and if our  presence works out for Dave and us.
We also have on the table and offer from Andy whose business is XMAX games  
at 1931 Skillman, just east of 75 which we need to check out. 
Also, I believe, as another possibilty, it would be great to find a  North 
Dallas location closer to our current location for a non-conflicting RBNO.  
I believe Paul mentioned that he and Ed might ask around at UTD to see if 
there  might be interest in having us.
Very nice to meet some new people including Bob Cunningham, a classmate of  
Jim Tanner (Tanner Electronics) and Jeff Tregre who is an experienced model 
 builder / electrical engineer (_www.BuildingUltimateModels.com_ 
(http://www.BuildingUltimateModels.com) ).
Speaking of Tanner Electronics, if Probotics location works out -- very  
nice that just north on 35 is Tanner Electronics which might be a big plus,  
i.e., combining trips to RBNO and Tanners (nice if gas keeps climbing in  $).
Hey, and a thanks to Rocky and Rick bringing out Moon Dawg (Paul will  
And another thanks to Paul for a brilliant report/presentation/demo on what 
 he, Jonathan and Brock have been doing with Roomba (will let Paul 
elaborate  there for sure).
On the MOVING FRONT. Nice progress
- Charlie took the leftovers on data book giveaway 
- Charlie and Dale are potential takers for heavy workbenches -- anyone  
else want to get on the list?
- Server rack still needs a home
- Fridge?
- Ed Okerson is buying the small A/C unit
- We still need homes for Formica topped, two drawer, two door counter high 
 cabinet units (they have wheels that can be reatached)
- Ed Okerson offered up book boxes for library books
If Probotics works out we may tote 3 or 4 tables and 1/2 chairs  there.
Also might be able to store equipment there -- Dave suggests DPRG labels on 
(I will get a better Idea when I visit)
Also, Ed Okerson expressed interest in doing work on Tankbot.
I know Scott Sumner expressed interest also (I believe) so we need to work  
that out.
This week would like to get firm claims on all items benches and cabinet  
modules and server rack or get stuff up on Craigslist -- so please speak  
Thanks for everyone's support and also offers to help move and store  items.
Also, a Get Well to our absent Librarian, Doug Emes, who must be close to  
6'5" and 350 lbs who was taken down and beat up by 5th graders, at a church  
retreat, in what must of looked like something out of Gulliver's Travels.  
(The kids were having fun with Doug - aka Pinada Man -- and things got  out 
of hand and now Doug is all bruised and can't get off the sofa).
OK, I am in trouble now -- must quit.
Ron Grant
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