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[DPRG] moondawggy update

Subject: [DPRG] moondawggy update
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Jul 13 00:41:57 CDT 2009

MoonDawg, Rick Parker and I attended our 1st DPRG meeting and we liked it very much. lots of interesting grey matter to pick and probe thru. can't wait until the next RBNO. MoonDawg will have a new set of batteries by then [sorry guys]. but i dont feel too bad, the roomba pooped out too. i think it's time to invest in li-ion. lighter, stronger, longer life. worth the extra expense. anyone know of a good source? i need some for my personal wheelchair as well, 24v, 50-75a.
btw: Rick is our team chemist. he is currently researching the odd & unique properties of lunar regolith. the more we know about this stuff, the better we can manipulate it to our advantage. i should receive his report by the end of this week...     right Rick?? :)
until then, i'll be attempting to build a scooping tread system for the wheels. i now have 3 very interesting and completely different designs, all of which are somewhat expensive and time consuming to assemble due to the number of parts required. so if you like rippin thru metal bar, drilling holes and poppin' rivets this is the place to be [free pizza] hey, who said that?.
speaking of Domino's, we still do not have a sponsor nor anyone even considering becoming a sponsor. this is a tough year for us... and just days away from [pepperoni] registration deadline of July 15th! please spread the word to others, companies, individuals, the mafia, rich sexy women, anyone whom you think might be interested in sponsoring the spaceminers this year. [extra cheeese] or maybe they might know someone [like bacon]. okay, i just made myself hungry.
need to redesign the way the bucket dumps the moondirt over the 2ft wall. it must be faster and more efficient than using a linear actuator. I'm thinking about a solenoid actuated quick-release latch for dumping an off-balance bucket, and a space bungy to swing the bucket back up and into the latched position. the complete dump cycle should only take 2 seconds! downside- latches can get stuck. bucket may not relatch after dumping. bungy snap! critical design area. any suggestions?
lastly, i have a backup joystick and controller unit if anyone would like to probe and crack the pwm signals. once we know the code we can emulate the joystick with a few computer controlled 555 timers. the next step would be to implement a bluetooth joystick and/or wi-fi and drive moondawg using controls on a webpage. getting tired of running over the joystick cable :(

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