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[DPRG] July 2009 Meeting Minutes

Subject: [DPRG] July 2009 Meeting Minutes
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jul 13 05:11:33 CDT 2009

DPRG Monthly Meeting minutes 7/11/09
Present: 25 people - near-complete list: Dave Jannke (Probotics America),  
John Swindle, John Kuhlenschmidt, Brock Marks, Nathan & Bruce Harlan, Steve  
Rainwater, Glenn Pipe, Ed Paradis, Jason Oliver, Martin Meier + Jennifer, 
Will  Kuhnle, Charlie Youngblood, Jeff Koenig, Rocky, Rick Parker, Jeff 
Tregre, Bob  Cunningham, Ron Grant, Paul Bouchier, Paul Florian
- Ron recapped the club's use of the WHQ which Mike Dodson had  very kindly 
donated to the club for the last 6 years [turns out 8 years]. Mike  has 
given the club effectively about $25k worth of free rent. The club is  greatly 
indebted to him for his generosity.
- The club needs to skinny down  in terms of "stuff". Everything needs to 
go to a home. Stuff needing to find a  home:
- The big benches need to go to a home (we wouldn't probably see  them 
- tables & chairs: we want to keep the folding  tables/chairs somewhere
- most computers need to go - we'll hang onto  a few
- Some of the mechanical tools/equipment, & the electronic  equipment needs 
to remain with the club but be stored somewhere
- There's an idea that we could have a "traveling" monthly meeting, maybe  
at alternating locations every other week
- Dave Jannke (from Probotics)  offered a fair amount of spare space at I35 
& Walnut Hill for meetings or  RBNOs, & has tools which he offered for club 
use at RBNO. We could maybe  have a monthly RBNO there. He has some storage 
space for stuff that would need  to be clearly labeled. 
- Paul presented the Roomba work going on in the  club. Uses a library from 
the book "Hacking Roomba" by Tod Kurt. Code download  at 
_http://hackingroomba.com/code/_ (http://hackingroomba.com/code/) 
-  Jeff showed a kids car axle + motor assembly which he had mounted 
Northern  Hydraulic wheels on. He's using 12V 20Ah batteries which he gets from 
BG-Micro  for $15.
- Idea: fill the wheels with foam to keep them the same  diameter
- Idea: Use relays in an H-bridge & Fets in the supply to  the bridge for 
speed control - takes fewer FETS
- Ed Okerson showed his  mini-balancing robot kit that he brought back from 
Japan. It has a gyro &  accelerometer $100, assembly instructions in 
- Rocky (and Rick)  showed MoonDawg, but could not operate it due to 
battery problems - promised to  show at future RBNO/Meeting see 
_www.youtube.com/spaceminers_ (http://www.youtube.com/spaceminers) 
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