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[DPRG] Stanford Online Free Engineering Courses

Subject: [DPRG] Stanford Online Free Engineering Courses
From: John Swindle swindle at compuserve.com
Date: Mon Jul 20 16:37:52 CDT 2009


Thanks for the reference to the SEE courses. You and the others 
may already know it, but on the other coast, I think the entire 
curriculum of MIT is online, for all departments. It's been a 
while since I looked at it, but I think MIT intended to have a 
completely open curriculum accessible to anyone free.

Good luck with all the stuff at the WHQ. I'm away for two weeks, 
so I can't help, and, No, I didn't make up a new travel schedule 
when I saw how much stuff had to move! Although I can't help move 
anything until next month, I could take one of the big 
workbenches (to keep or to give back later) when I get back, and 
I do have some air conditioned space (a walk-in closet) for 
storage. If someone needs to shuffle stuff around after the big 
move, maybe I can help.

John Swindle

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