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[DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at Nicholson Memorial Libr...

Subject: [DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at Nicholson Memorial Libr...
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Fri Jul 24 07:09:42 CDT 2009


They are open every day of the week.  I was told Fridays are wide open but that 
there was feirce competition for Wednesdays.  I will bring all the printed 
information to TVLRBNO.

It's a big, open space with a stage along one side.  Think school cafeteria but 
with carpeting and nicer lighting.  They have folding tables and stacking 
chairs.  We would be responsible for setup and tear-down.

The President of the organization (you) would need to sign the paperwork.  No 
Garland residency requirements, AFAIK.

Bear in mind that no location will please everyone.  Downtown Garland is still a 
40 mile (each way) trip for me.  It's as far or farther for other members.  Rick 
Bickle was hosting an alternate RBNO in Grand Prairie in years gone by.  It all 
depends on available resources and interest.


Dale Wheat

(972) 486-1317

DeltaGraph at aol.com wrote:
> Cool, Dale,
> So they had openings on Saturday?
> Type of room where we would do setup - OR - existing tables...?
> Do we need a Garland resident to do sign-up....  ?
> Would be nice to also look at Richardson -- might move us closer to  75
> Ron
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