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[DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at Nicholson Memorial Libr...

Subject: [DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at Nicholson Memorial Libr...
From: Mike Eber nikropht at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 24 15:59:04 CDT 2009

I am a member of a few other groups, generally we rotate meetings at 
peoples houses or facilities...

We could take a hybrid approach to this..

Have a rotating meeting at a members house or (office if they can) every 
so often so everyone doesn't have to drive clear acrosss dfw all the time.


Find a permanent location in the middle of where the current membership 

just my 2 cents...


Randy M. Dumse wrote:
> R. Steven Rainwater said: Friday, July 24, 2009 9:59 AM
>> If there's enough interest, I could modify the member DB on 
>> the website to include GPS coordinates or something similar.
> I'd recommend against drawing conclusions based on current,
> active member locations. I'd say that's more a measure of where
> we've been meeting the last few years than where our current AND
> potential members are. I stopped coming to meetings because the
> floor at the museum hurt my legs and back. (Yeah I'm a whimp
> that way. But remember, it's 4 hours of driving for me to make a
> meeting, and I'm already sore by the time I get there.) RBNOs
> weren't all that convenient for me either. My point being if you
> measure where your current membership is, you get only those
> willing to go to those places you've been using. The exclusion
> of past and potential current members is therefore reinforced. 
> Randy
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