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Subject: [DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at NicholsonMemorial Libr...
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Date: Sun Jul 26 22:00:53 CDT 2009

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I think  the club management should have recognized the
consequences, and done more  to represent the whole membership,
which has dwindled and changed character  because of the choice
of locations for meetings and RBNOs.  

Yeah, Randy, I agree. I helped make that happen.
I know we had a few people that would show up at Fair Park meetings that  
were less apt to make the drive to Garland -- just a few.
I really feel like the ideal situation is a location that is 30 minutes or  
less really starts to become practical. My 5 years, traveling from Irving 
to  Garland was really grating on me as far as the drive and waste of time 
traveling  (almost 2 hours round trip).
Driving long distances is a life wasting, time and money sucking  monster 
in my humble opinion. (Of course we do it when we think it is worth it.)  
When I commuted from Irving to Arlington (UTA) during my college years, I  did 
everything I could do to pack my 30 minute commute to UTA into 2 days a week 
 most semesters. 
The harsh reality for RBNO is probably multiple locations is the only way  
to go versus 1 central location, if we can make it happen.
Maybe putting people on a map will help guide us. Of course with limited  
club resources, it is all about the individuals, so step up if you have an 
idea  and can help support the idea.
We have a really nice group of members in the club right now and I  feel 
confident that we will do really well with trying to make things work out  for 
the best in the near future. This includes making things work out for new  
members or some old members we might attract.
My main concern with multiple locations (if we find that multiple locations 
 work) is to find the best way to support them. That is, if alternating 
weeks  works best to allow members that will travel to both locations to do so  
increasing support rather than thinning it out...
PS If you live in DFW area and have not put yourself on the map, please do  
Instructions provided by Rocky:
try these steps to edit google maps:
    1.  create a google account  
    2.  log in  
    3.  goto maps  
    4.  click 'my map'  
    5.  click 'create new map'
for pratice, make your own family/friends  map 1st [so you wont mess up 
dprg map]  
    6.  to edit dprg map, click _here_ 
    7.  you SHOULD now see an EDIT button  
    8.  click 'edit'  
    9.  use the toolbar at the top/left corner of the map to add map 
    10. click 'save', click 'done' [saves changes and done  collaborating]

see? only 10 easy step! :(
robotrock =]


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