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[DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at NicholsonMemorial Libr...

Subject: [DPRG] We could have monthly business meetings at NicholsonMemorial Libr...
From: Jason Oliver dragonlancer1970 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jul 27 09:31:25 CDT 2009

Just my 2 cents....

A central location to the bulk of the membership would be ideal.  We should
be concerned with the DPRG as a collective group and its survival and
growth.  If all we focus on is our individual likes and wants then we will
never reach a solution that will ensure the survival of the group.

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> I think the club management should have recognized the
> consequences, and done more to represent the whole membership,
> which has dwindled and changed character because of the choice
> of locations for meetings and RBNOs.

Everyone needs to remember the history that went with the decisions before
condemning to hastily.  At the point in time when I asked Mike if he would
consider donating the space, RBNO's only happened on a regular basis in
the garage at Barry Jordains house, which was much farther east than
Garland, Rockwall as I recall, then he moved even farther east somewhere. 
And very few members attended on a regular basis (Usually Barry, Kip and
Eric Yundt) and occasionally a few others would show up.  Meetings were a
much more formal affair at the Bill Priest Institute, and contests were
always at The Science Place.  Robot Power Lunch (RPL) was the weekly get
together for those of us that wanted more, and occurred  on Thursdays at
noon at the Collin Creek Mall food court with regular attendance of 12-15.
 When Mike made his generous donation of space to the club, it was much
closer and more practical for a larger regular attendance at RBNO's. 
After I moved away RPL attendance waned as more and more people were
focusing on RBNO, and traffic on the mailing list showed considerable
interest in building up that activity.  Eventually meetings moved from
Bill Priest Institute to The Science Place because of continued scheduling
difficulties, and then up to the WHQ because of scheduling problems and
low attendance at the Science Place.  So it has been more of a space
availability issue than anything else that eventually had everything at
the WHQ, I think the move of the meetings to the WHQ happened after the
attendance dropped off at the Science Place.  Now that gone and it is time
to re-evaluate where activities are going to happen, and indeed what
activities are going to happen.

Ed Okerson

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