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[DPRG] Breadboard Arduino class tonight at RBNO

Subject: [DPRG] Breadboard Arduino class tonight at RBNO
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Tue Jul 28 16:42:06 CDT 2009

The Breadboard Arduino class is tonight at precisely 7:00 PM at the DPRG World 
Headquarters.  More information about the class is available on my web site:


There's only enough kits this time for ten students.  More than ten people have 
expressed interest in the class.  I have no fixed policy on how to handle this. 
  I will be scheduling new classes in the Very Near Future.

You can attend the class for free.  Only the course materials cost anything. 
The complete kit is $25, which includes everything you need to build your own 
solderless breadboard-based Arduino-compatible physical computing platform. 
Plus you get some other fun stuff.

You need to bring a laptop with a relatively modern + popular operating system. 
  It must have at least one working USB port.  Go ahead and download the Aduino 
IDE software (Windows, Mac or Linux flavors) from http://www.arduino.cc and 
install it on your computer before heading out.  This will tell you right away 
if you have enough computer for the class.  :)

If you already have an Arduino (of any stripe) go ahead and come on down.  Bring 
your laptop and your Arduino.  Your expertise and experience are welcome.

There will be miniscule, trivial prizes for successfully completing the class.

I look forward to seeing everyone for the last time at the DPRG World 
Headquarters.  Come on out anyway and say Hi!/Bye! to our stomping grounds for 
the last several years.


Dale Wheat

(972) 486-1317

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