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[DPRG] Final Garland RBNO & RBNO Schedule

Subject: [DPRG] Final Garland RBNO & RBNO Schedule
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 29 21:17:59 CDT 2009

The final RBNO at Garland WHQ was great. Dale did his Arduino class and we  
had a nice time with many visitors, including several EX-DPRG presidents. 
The  BBQ feast was great and we presented Mike with a Thank You plaque which 
is  undergoing some corrective surgery. 
Ed Okerson, who closed the original deal with Mike, getting us the space in 
 2001, was out of town unfortunately.
Charlie and I finished getting everything out of the Garland WHQ, (for some 
 reason I am beat), and transported 5 tables, the red chairs and power  
strips to Probotics location. We set up one shelf which will hold  everything 
for now including cookware supplies and some limited hand  tools...
We will have to set up/and tear down our tables for the time being in the  
reception area. Later on there will be more room available if  everything 
works out and we have good positive attendance, and if Dave likes  us!
For everyone holding equipment, let's give it some time to get organized  
and see what we can bring in. 
The current plan is to have RBNO on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at  
Probotics location. 
Here is a schedule as prepared by Steve Rainwater:
Please verify that you have a confirmed date before venturing out to RBNO  
-- we hate for anyone to find a locked door somewhere.

Aug 4 (Tue) RBNO - Probotics 
Aug 8 (Sat) Meeting - ???  TBA  (We need to scurry here to find a location) 
Aug 11 (Tue) RBNO - XMAX Games  of Skillman nearish to downtown  (address 
given later)
Aug 18 (Tue) RBNO - Probotics
Aug 25 (Tue) RBNO -  ???
Sep 1 (Tue) RBNO - Probotics
Sep 8 (Tue) RBNO - Integrated Control  Systems (Rick Bickle) Grand Prairie 
(Near Beltline Rd & I-30)
Sep 12  (Sat) Meeting - ???
_www.ProboticsAmerica.com_ (http://www.ProboticsAmerica.com) 
10028 Monroe Drive, Dallas TX 75229 
2 buildings north of  intersection of Walnunt Hill Ln and Monroe Dr. 
(building with green awnings --  about 3rd door from right hand side of building) 

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