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[DPRG] Full Size Sumo Course 154 cm needs home or find Earl Bollinger

Subject: [DPRG] Full Size Sumo Course 154 cm needs home or find Earl Bollinger
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Thu Jul 30 15:00:16 CDT 2009

We need to find a home / or will scrap our full size, 154 cm (5')  diameter 
Sumo Ring Course.
Mike will hold on to it for a week.
The course was procured by Earl Bollinger, sometime around 2003 -- he drove 
 to Illinois to get it.
We have attempted to contact Earl, but have had no luck locating him.  
Thought it would be only fair to ask him if he wanted it back.
If we had interest in the contest we would hold on to it, but it  is a 
cumbersome 100+ lb beast that has not been used in at least 5  years. 
Steve, informs me the course is costly, but the question is  finding 
someone who needs/wants it.
The course is something like 1/8" steel disc, powder coated - so as not to  
rust, with a wood backing to support it and elevate is about 2" off floor.
If anyone has interest, please contact me -- OR -- if you might know  
whereabouts of Earl, also let me know.
Ron Grant
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