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[DPRG] Running Robot (WOW)

Subject: [DPRG] Running Robot (WOW)
From: Rud Merriam k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Fri Jul 31 12:52:15 CDT 2009

I found it especially interesting that both feet are off the ground
momentarily when running. You can just see this toward the end of the
high-speed camera portion of the video. Not having complete positive
control, i.e. both feet on the ground, seems to me a big step (no pun
I wonder why the robot starts running in place for both the push-off-balance
segment and the high-speed run. 
It would be interesting to know how complicated the balancing routines are.
Is this emergent behavior from some simple rules or highly complex

 - 73 - 
Rud Merriam K5RUD
ARES AEC Montgomery County, TX 

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I wonder how much power it takes it to run like that?  Seems like it would
be a lot. 

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