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[DPRG] Experienced C# programmer in Garland seeks robotics project

Subject: [DPRG] Experienced C# programmer in Garland seeks robotics project
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Tue Nov 17 07:52:32 CST 2009

Hi Wes. Adding to what Ron said about PC-based control using C# or other
high-level language, that's a fairly easy entry-point for an experienced
programmer. A number of us have taken Roomba vacuum-cleaner robots,
connected their serial port (which can be used to control the robot) to some
kind of serial<->wifi converter such as a linux router or eepc, and run the
control SW on a laptop networked to the robot. A few of us have based off of
a java control program called roombacomm, which was written by the same guy
(Tod Kurt) who wrote the book "Hacking Roomba", which gives an excellent
presentation of different ways to interact with Roomba. Considering that the
languages are fairly similar between java & C# (but not the libraries) you
might even consider porting the roombacomm program to C#, or perhaps working
in java. If you look on the "Projects" page of the club web site you'll find
a link to the roombacomm project (we're maintaining it now) and you can
browse the club's subversion repository and look at the code (the link is on
the roombacomm project page).
As Ron says, come to an RBNO, bring your laptop, and talk to people about
what they're doing. There is a whole variety of projects that different
people are pursuing.
Paul Bouchier

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Hi Wes,
Best thing I can recommend, is come check out one of our RBNOs (Robot
Builder's Night Out) and meet some of the people.
This Tuesday we meet at XMAX location, Saturday contest at Garland North
Branch Library 12 Noon, then RBNO following Tuesday at "The Generator"
coffee shop downtown Garland (on the square).
Directions on Calendar page (I would imagine the Generator and Contest
location are pretty close to you)
You might get some ideas on a project you want to work on.
Maybe PC based control using familiar C# might be a route to take..
Ron Grant

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